About Les Steen Hardwoods

Les Steen Hardwoods has provided high quality hardwoods to consumers in the Little Rock for over twenty years.  Les Steen Hardwoods is not your typical lumber yard.  Nestled into the Park Hill neighborhood of North Little Rock, Arkansas, a customer once described the store as the boutique of hardwoods.  All of the lumber is harvested from the forests of north Arkansas and Southern Missouri, purchased from the local saw mills of the area and then kiln dried.

My personal interest in woodworking and the fascinating lumber business led me to learn from lumber inspectors and other operations in larger mills.  I attended the National Hardwood Lumber Association ‘s short course in lumber inspection in 1988 and am currently a member of The West Side Hardwood Club. I continually strive to offer the highest quality of lumber available.

Benefits of buying locally from Les Steen Hardwoods

  • We buy directly from the sawmills, cutting out the added markup from a distributor/wholesaler.  This savings gets passed down directly to the customer as you can see in our prices. 
  • You can hand select the boards that work best for your project.  When you buy in bulk you get what is shipped to you based on grade, but without regard to grain, width, and locations of defects in the lumber as long as it meets the grade requirements.   
  • We remove defects in our lumber even when it meets a particular grade's guidelines.  By removing defects before bringing it to the shop, the customer pays less in what would usually be waste.  
  • Our lumber is locally kiln dried and then put in climate controlled storage until it's offered for sale.  This allows the wood to acclimate prior to your purchase.  If lumber is purchased far from of our local climate it would need a few weeks to a month to acclimate to your shop/local conditions prior to being milled to final dimensions.